Re-Sellers Section

To become a Re-Seller, you need to sell 5 normal price

subscriptions within 3 months or buy a Re-Seller Panel

Re-Seller Prices

1 Month  –  €10

3 Months  –  €25

6 Months  –  €45

12 Months  –  €80

Re-Seller Prices with Panel

Another choice to become a Re-Seller is to have your own Panel with us.

You can create your own subscriptions and you will also have available 100 free tests per day.

The cost of each month subscription is €7. For example a 3 months subscription will cost you €21.


In order to have a Panel, you will need to prepay 3 x 12 months subscriptions. €252

The €252 will be available for you in your Panel as credits.